Tools to finalize and to depend to


Its interesting that while there is libhtml-mason-perl, there is not a command line tool called mason, which would complile the given template file from the command line. We have that tool, so either make mason people to incorporate one in their distro, or do clean up that piece of code. [Todo: write to mason people]


Todo: Package the poset (partially ordered set) implementation of Misi, and send it to cpan and to Santa Claus.


Multiln is a very nice mass-linking tool.

Todo: Decide wether to fire up a subproject for it, or should we just have it as a builtin tool? If so: [Todo: clean it well, and make it the first real peace of dongo :)]


A gui is needed from the beginning. And it should be a web-based one (we are talking about maintaining servers and clients...). Maybe try to use mason-starter.